A Comprehensive Guide to Food Safety Compliance in India

Table of Contents:

Types of FSSAI License :

FSSAI Basic Registration :

FSSAI State License :

FSSAI Central License :

Eligibility Criteria for FSSAI Registration :

Checklist for FSSAI Registration : 

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration :

1. Basic Registration : 

2. State FSSAI License :

3. Central FSSAI License :

Online Registration for FSSAI :

FSSAI License Compliance :

Penalty for Non-Compliance : 

Difference Between FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License :

FSSAI Registration:.

FSSAI License :

FSSAI license renewal and validity : 

Conclusion : 

Any Indian running a food business has to comply with the regulations of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Maintaining food safety and being legal requires understanding the different FSSAI license types which includes Basic Registration, State License and Central License. Follow the rules so you don’t get into trouble and so consumers can see food safety is transparent and accountable. Be aware, follow the law and help India.

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